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IFZA Freezone

The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) is rapidly emerging as a top-tier global hub for international business operations. Located strategically in the United Arab Emirates, IFZA offers many benefits and cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to establish a regional presence. These include 100% foreign ownership, a zero-tax environment, and comprehensive protection of intellectual property rights. With a streamlined and flexible process, company formation in IFZA is efficient and straightforward, opening new doors for SMEs and multinational corporations alike to explore the wealth of opportunities available within the IFZA free zone and beyond.

Steps to Follow for Company Formation in IFZA

At Ibara Consultancy, we specialize in facilitating the process of company formation in the IFZA zone. Leveraging our deep knowledge and experience, we can navigate the procedural complexities, ensuring a smooth and successful establishment of your business in IFZA.

Our team is dedicated to offering personalized solutions that meet your business needs, assisting with requisite documentation, securing approvals, and streamlining the entire process. By choosing Ibara Consultancy, you are entrusting your business setup to experts who will ensure your company can capitalize on the considerable opportunities offered by the IFZA Silicone Oasis free zone in the quickest possible timeframe.

Documents Required for Company Formation in IFZA

  • Passport copy
  • Digital passport photo
  • Application form
  • Visa copy & Emirates ID (for UAE residents)

For applications that involve corporate shareholders, the following documents must be provided:

  • Passport copies of all shareholders and the General Manager
  • Digital passport photos of all shareholders and the General Manager
  • Application form
  • Emirates ID and visa copies of all shareholders who are residents of the UAE
  • Board resolution
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Valid trade license
  • Certificate of incorporation

Advantages IFZA Silicon Oasis Company Formation

  • Cost-Effective Solution: IFZA offers highly competitive setup packages and low annual fees, making it an affordable destination for businesses of all sizes.
  • 100% Foreign Ownership: Businesses can take advantage of the policy allowing 100% foreign ownership, ensuring complete control over their operations.
  • Zero Tax Environment: Companies can benefit from a zero-tax regime, with no personal income or capital gain taxes, maximizing their profit margins.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: IFZA provides comprehensive safeguards for intellectual property rights, promoting a secure business environment.
  • Wide Range of Business Activities: IFZA allows for a broad spectrum of business activities, including trading, consulting, services, and industrial licenses.
  • Simplified Regulations: The streamlined and flexible process for company formation in IFZA makes it easy for businesses to set up operations quickly.
  • Pre-approval of Shareholders: When starting a business in the UAE, shareholders must go through immigration and security clearances. Nationality and birthplace are important factors in this process. IFZA is one of the few free zones that provides shareholder pre-approval checks, ensuring eligibility before company formation.

IFZA Silicon Oasis FAQs